Geirangerfjord Cruise Port

-Untamed Norwegian Nature . UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site-

Geirangerfjord - rated as the best cared for Unesco World Heritage Site by National Geographic Traveller. Quote: "To float into the Geirangerfjord is an astonishingly complete natural experience - steep, lush and rocky canyon walls, endless waterfalls, a snow-capped backdrop and inconceivably deep, emerald green water. There is a wealth of farms, now largely abandoned (Skagefla, Knivsfla and Blomberg) along Geirangerfjord's banks, one of which is only accessed by climbing a flimsy rope ladder which spans hundreds of meters from the water, along the cliff face, to the farm plateau".
The scenery is the main attraction of the area, and can best be seen on a tour.


Overland Excursions

Overland Excursion Hellesylt/Øye - Geiranger (full day)
The famous overland excursion gives a unique picture and cross section of Norway, with magnificent fjords, snow capped mountains, ice-blue lakes, plunging waterfalls, glaciers, unspoilt valleys and stunning panoramic views - an unforgettable experience.

The overland excursion can be combined with:

Overland Excursion Hellesylt - Geiranger via Briksdal Glacier (full day) A visit to the most famous of Jostedal Glacier many icy arms, Briksdal Glacier, beautifully situated among majestic mountains and cascading waterfalls.

Overland Excursion Hellesylt - Geiranger via Loen Valley & Kjenndal Glacier (full day)
Enjoy a boat trip on Lake Loen, the rugged and wild Loen Valley, and the Kjenndal Glacier . a great experience of nature.

Flo Mountain Hike (full day)
A two hours hike in the mountains - natural history with Norwegian geology, flora and fauna combined with beautiful views.

Summer skiing (full day)
Try the great slopes at the summer skiing centre in the Stryn Mountains

Excursions in Geiranger

Mount Dalsnibba (half day)
Experience the spectacular view from Mount Dalsnibba, 1500 m.a.s.l., overlooking the Geiranger Fjord and the surrounding mountains in the beautiful Unesco World Heritage Natural Site.

Mount Dalsnibba and Eagle Bend (half day)
Two fantastic views of Geiranger and the fjord; from Mount Dalsnibba and Eagle Bend.

Mount Dalsnibba and Geiranger Fjord Centre (half day)
Combine the tour to Mount Dalsnibba with a visit at Geiranger Fjord Centre; interactive learning about the nature, culture, and history of Geirangerfjord.

Mount Dalsnibba - Grotli - Stryn Mountain Road - Videseter (full day)
The tour to Mount Daslnibba combined with a roundtrip in the Stryn Mountains; beautiful and varied scenery on the roof of Norway.

Herdal Mountain Farm (half day)
Visit Herdalssær summer farm with 450 goats and other different animals, and enjoy samples of the food production of the farm. Enjoy the scenic drive, with stop at Eagle Bend.

Hike to Westerås and Storseterfossen (half day)
See and feel the impressive waterfall Storseterfossen, and have a spectacular view of Geiranger 250 meters below.

RIB boat Fjord Excursion
Feel the sensation of freedom and excitement in a RIB boat on the fjord, and experience the small mountain farms along the Geirangerfjord, the Seven Sisters Waterfalls and the Bridal Vail Waterfall at close range.

From Sky to Fjord - downhill mountain biking
Enjoy the highlights Flydal Gorge and Mount Dalsnibba. From Djupvasshytta Mountain Lodge (1030 meters above sea level) you cycle downhill back to Geiranger on your
own mountain bike.

Valldal Rafting (full day)
Via the Eagle Road to Valldal and Valldal Wilderness Camp, where we go rafting on one of the best rafting rivers in Norway.

Excursions in Hellesylt:

Norang Valley and Ljøen Viewpoint
Enjoy a scenic bus ride through the wild and rugged Norang Valley, combined with the spectacular views from Ljøen.

Lake Hornindalsvatn
Between towering mountains and active farmland to the deepest lake in Europe, Lake Hornindalsvatn.

Stranda Mountain Panorama
A scenic bus ride to Mt. Strandafjellet, then gondola lift up to 1066 m.a.s.l. and the most magnificent views of the Storfjord and the mountain panorama.

Hellesylt Village Walk
A guided walk in the charming village with the impressive waterfall.

Ljøen with hike
A refreshing hike in a lovely landscape in the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Port facilities:

Hellesylt: New cruise pier from May 1st 2012.
Length: 143 m. Depth at low water: 9 m.
Geiranger: SeaWalk opened July 2013 + 3 anchor positions