Cruise Destination Olden - Nordfjord

Olden is a small pleasant village at the inner end of Nordfjord. The scenery at the head of the fjord is astonishingly beautiful and varied, the peaceful valleys and well-kept farms contrasting strongly to the gleaming glaciers, foaming waterfalls, and towering mountains. Olden is the gateway to the glaciers, situated at the edge of the Jostedal Glacier, the biggest glacier on the European mainland. A tour to its most well known glacier arm, Briksdal, is highly recommended. The Olden/Stryn community is active and lively with a blooming trade and business, long known for tourism and various industries, and now also famous for modern design.

Olden is the main cruise destination in Nordfjord, but cruise vessels are also most welcome in all Nordfjord ports; Måløy, Selje, Nordfjordeid and Sandane, all with a range of interesting attractions and excursions.


Briksdal Glacier and Olden Valley Enjoy a journey through beautiful Olden Valley up to the frozen cascade of Briksdal Glacier, the best-known of the Jostedal Glacier's many icy arms.

Kjenndal Glacier and Loen Valley See the breathtaking Loen Valley by boat on the ice-green, glassy Loen Lake, and experience the wild Kjenndal Valley with Kjenndal Glacier.

Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre and Stryn Valley Located in beautiful surroundings on the banks of Lake Stryn, and provides in-depth information on our national park in form of film and different interesting exhibitions.

Glacier Trekking
* the intense blue ice at close hand.

Briksdal Adventure Park
* offering a wide range of challenging and exciting activities

Glacier Safari
* adventure paddling with guide on the glacier lake

Boat trip - Lake Olden
* a relaxing trip onboard MB Olden on the scenic Lake Olden

Nordfjord Panorama
* panoramic views and culture hand in hand at the northern banks of Nordfjord

Farm Visit
* a taste of Norwegian nature, agriculture and local food

Design of Stryn and Olden
* from one factory outlet to another - a short presentation of fashion and furniture design

* a visit to the Norwegian Glacier Museum

Culture and history in Nordfjord
* Nordfjord roundtrip with visit at Nordfjord Folk Museum at Sandane

Fjord Rib rafting
* speedboats on the fjord - adrenalin kick

Summer skiing
* try the great slopes at the summer skiing centre in the Stryn Mountains

The coast of Nordfjord
* with attractions like West Cape, Kråkenes Lighthouse and Selje Monastery

...and excursions for smaller groups

-fjord fishing
-spa & bath
-Singer's art gallery and the churches of Olden
-mountain hikes

Port Facilities:
Length of quay: 121 m.
Depth at low water: 12 m
Fresh water: Yes
Waste handling: Yes
Supplies: Available

Information office.
Telephone and fax service.
Car, bicycle, and scooter rental

10 minutes' walk to the town centre.

It is planned to double the docking capacity.