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Geiranger & Nordfjord Handling
(Geiranger Cruise Handling AS) is the largest shore excursion company operating
in Nordfjord, Geirangerfjord and Ålesund. We cooperate with major Norwegian
shore excursions agencies, such as European Cruise Services. We were established
in 2001 in Geiranger and Stryn and since then we have been growing up in our
area and expanding in the neighborhood. Our main office is located in Stryn on
the beautiful Nordfjord and from there we coordinate all the other offices. The
main aim for the company has always been delivering professional guides to cruise
ships – which intensively visit the fjords during the summer. In the beginning
of 2010s, the company decided to expand its market towards Sognefjord first (Skjolden)
and Ålesund later. Since mid of 2010s we are 100% owned by Turistutvikling AS,
which also owns (fully or partially) other guide companies in Norway. We have
around 200 guides during the summer that can supply the most required languages
(English, German, Italian, Spanish, French) and our office staff provides an
effective work environment.


© Loen Skylift


Located in Stryn municipality, you can experience the fascinating Briksdal glacier, which has been a well known touristic attraction worldwide for more than 150 years, driving up the Olden valley from the fjord. There a short walk will get you closer to this arm of the Jostedal Glacier. From Loen you can experience its valley with the beautiful turquoise lake or you can take the cable car up to Mount Hoven (1,011mt) and enjoy one of the most spectacular view you can have in Norway.


Located in Stad municipality,
Nordfjordeid is the latest add in our “family”. It’s located in the heart of
the fjord and it offers a beautiful stroll in the village center (Eidsgata)
where one can find nice old fashioned cafè, a small bakery, quite few old
wooden houses and vintage shops. The main attraction is without any doubts
Sagastad, where a copy of a viking age ship is displayed in the museum, along
with history about Vikings in this area.

photo ©Ruben Soltvedt


Geiranger is a stunningly beautiful small village situated in Norway, known for its picturesque landscapes and breathtaking fjords. Nestled between towering mountains and crystal-clear waters, Geiranger offers awe-inspiring views that will leave visitors spellbound. The most famous attraction in Geiranger is undoubtedly the Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site that attracts tourists from around the globe. The fjord is surrounded by cascading waterfalls, including the iconic Seven Sisters and the Bridal Veil, which add to the mesmerizing charm of the area. Visitors to Geiranger can explore its natural wonders through various activities such as hiking, kayaking, or taking a bus tour to fully appreciate the grandeur of the fjords. Additionally, the village itself is a charming haven with colourful wooden houses, traditional Norwegian architecture, and welcoming locals. The village offers cozy accommodations, cafes, souvenir shops, and even a museum dedicated to the history of the region. Geiranger is a place where nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those seeking tranquillity can find everything they desire in one extraordinary location. With its majestic fjords, lush green landscapes, and serene atmosphere, Geiranger is a destination that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to experience it.

Photos: ©Øyvind Heen (left, Flydalsjuvet and Geirangerfjord)                                       ©Terje Rakke (right, Seven Sisters)


Nestled in Norway’s scenic embrace, Skjolden meets cruise-tourists with a gateway to three unparalleled national parks: Jotunheimen, Breheimen, and Jostedalsbreen. Jotunheimen, Norway’s largest national park, unfolds a tapestry of majestic peaks and alpine lakes, inviting hikers to traverse its diverse trails. Breheimen captivates with glaciers and deep valleys, providing a dramatic backdrop for exploration. Jostedalsbreen, home to Europe’s largest glacier, offers an awe-inspiring spectacle and the opportunity for guided glacier hikes, immersing visitors in the icy heart of the landscape.

Beyond the parks, Skjolden unveils cultural treasures, including the UNESCO-listed Urnes Stave Church, a testament to Norway’s medieval heritage. The scenic Lustrafjord, with its crystal-clear waters and towering cliffs, sets the stage for adventures RIB tours, allowing cruisers to absorb the breathtaking fjord landscape. Whether indulging in outdoor adventures, exploring cultural landmarks, or cruising along picturesque fjords, Skjolden embodies the quintessence of Norway’s natural and cultural splendour. This summer, cruise tourists can savour an enriching blend of adventure and tranquillity, making Skjolden an idyllic destination for those seeking a harmonious encounter with Norway’s unparalleled beauty.

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